Thursday, July 3, 2008

Italian women

Tomorrow I'm headed to my favourite place in the world...Italy.

I started thinking about some of the women I have seen there.

This is Galatea, the sea nymph who I also visited here in France.

This is one of the many beautiful Annunciation paintings.

A beautiful door knocker...
I hadn't realized, until my good friend Colt-pixy told me,
that this is probably Medusa.
Obviously this is not meant as a welcome.

This woman is glazed into a small tile.


coltpixy said...

Isn't the door knocker Medusa?
The tile is beautiful.

sukigirl said...

It does look like that, doesn't it...what threw me a bit were the wings.
Not really a welcome mat is it? LOL!

coltpixy said...

No, not a welcome mat thats for sure. Perhaps the idea for the wings come from the fact that Medusa was Pegasus' mother.

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