Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fingerless gloves in crochet jacquard and a little basketweave

I'm working on 2 things.
On the left is my my knitting homework from last week,
which is the basketweave stitch. It's cute isn't it and quite easy.
On the right is the beginning of the most beautiful fingerless gloves that I've ever seen.

I fell in love with these gloves by Danielle Kassner
the minute I laid eyes on them

I had never seen crochet done like this before.
So I bought the pattern and some wool
(unfortunately I had no 'scraps of sock or fingering weight yarn').
It took me a few tries but I finally found a hook that would give me gauge (I crochet loosely so I had to find a 2 mm hook).

These are done in crochet
jacquard and backwards crochet, both totally new techniques for me.
(great free tutorials here).
I decided to use greens and blues as the main colours with bits of grey, white and red.

I'm only 8 rows in, but I hope to gather speed as I get better at the technique.
I'm ridiculously excited about them.
I just hope that I finish them before spring.


intothedawn said...

Oh wow, that's a crochet pattern? They're awesome! Can't wait to see how they turn out, they're going to be gorgeous.

sukigirl said...

Thank you, when I first saw it I thought it was knitted.
I have since added a couple of new rows and discovered that I'm crocheting far too tightly so I may have to rip out and start again with a larger hook. (Can I cry now?)

intothedawn said...

Oh NO! I hate when that happens. That's probably why I rarely every crochet anything where I have to follow gauge. Being mainly a thread crocheter, I crochet way too tightly for yarn...

Hey, because I admire your amazing fiber talents and your great craft tutorials/gifts, I'm passing an award along to you. Read more here:

La Mañosa said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment!

I really like your basketweave project--is it going to be a scarf? The gloves you are starting to crochet look so cool! Like you, I've not seen crochet like this and have never heard of crochet jacquard or backwards crochet.

Looks like you have some great projects coming along--best of luck with them. I look forward to seeing more of your projects!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!

Dawn, I haven't really done that much crochet that depends on getting the gauge right either.
So this is new territory for me.
Thanks so much for the award, that's very sweet!
And you definitely deserved your award for your wonderful blog!

La Manosa, I'm absolutely amazed at all the wonderful things that you have made and now you are starting to design your own!
Plus you have the coolest blog name!

Thanks again and cheers ...suki

Lara Croft said...

I love the yarns you chose for this! I'm very proud of you!

Did I mention that when you have a round in one colour, don't carry any other strands in that round? That screws up my tension a lot, because that carried strand will pull like anything.

Hey I just realized you live in my home town! Torontonian born and bred!

sukigirl said...

Thank you Lara,
I appreciate all the help that you have given me about your pattern.
I think I'll play a little more with hook size and carrying the threads and then start fresh again.
Thanks again for such a lovely pattern!

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