Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yarn Graffiti, Crochet Style

I've seen so many pictures of yarn covered poles and statues, stop signs, and car antennas but I have never seen one in person.
So today I decided to crochet a little graffiti starting with this ugly chain link fence that surrounds a nearby school.

It adds a
little colour to an unexpected place on a dreary winter's day. But it is also not so elaborate that it will break my heart if it is taken down.
I hope it lasts for a while.

I had to be a bit sneaky to put it up without anyone seeing me, but since it was cold and windy it went quite smoothly.

I'm thinking of covering a pole next.

Edit: Well it lasted until today, May 27th, that's over 3 months...not bad!


coltpixy said...

Ha-Ha! My friend the vandal. :^) I L♥ve it!

Salihan said...

Oh I've been contemplating doing the same thing! But I haven't got the guts... YET. Your crochet square really brightens up the grey surroundings!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!
I checked out the pole today and it was still there although the little kiddies had pulled it down the pole a bit.
Under the cover of darkness I pulled it back up and stitched it in place.
I know I'm going to be a bit sad when it goes for good.

Salihan, I'd love to see you make some yarn graffiti, Australian style!

martha brown said...

yay!! -- where is it? Mine is on Brock (2 streets west of dufferin) between Dundas and Queen. It is just south of McCormick Park. Mine gets pulled down often. I'm hoping that it doesn't get stolen and in the later spring when it is dirty, I can take it down, wash it and cut it up to make some smaller art!

sukigirl said...

Martha, mine is such a little thing that if you blinked you would miss it.
Hardly worth a trip to see it....
but if you happen to be in the Jane and Lawrence area the school is called Weston Memorial on John St. (it is on a pole near the school's entrance.)
Not sure how long mine will last.
Are you planning more graffiti?

Anonymous said...

Crocheted graffiti? Wow! That's smth new and exciting!

Leanne said...

So cute and simple! I love crochet graffiti!

sukigirl said...

Thank you both Aluajala and Leanne!

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