Monday, September 27, 2010

Flower burst bag

little pink purse
First Christmas present done.
(Not the best picture as it is raining here).
I really like how this turned out.
It's the perfect size for a little girl to hold
all her treasures in.
It's 6 inches tall by 7 inches wide.
I made this one with Bernat Satin and used this 
It only took 3/4 of a skein so it cost
 about $3 to make.

I've bought some green organic yarn
to make one for another niece
so I'm curious how different it will look
(other than one is pink and one is green :0)


Anonymous said...

Very nice and creative.

Tea said...

The bag is gorgeous! I love those flowers. Very nice. I think the green will be cute, too. Can't wait to see it. :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Tea...yeah I'm looking forward to seeing it in green too, I'm also wondering if it will be a little stiffer than the Bernat.

sukigirl said...

Thank you milanarukotvorine!
I'm sorry I'm late in thanking you.
I enjoyed going to your blog and also discovered that you are also on Ravelry
so I friended you. Love your projects!!

Ms Muffin said...

This is so so beautiful! Love it!

sukigirl said...

Thank you...hugs suki

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