Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wip: a little bag for a little girl

I'm starting on my Christmas presents earlier this year.
This way when I change my mind a million and
a half times it won't actually be late December 
by the time I finish it.
a small pink bag...wip

I started off with a very simple but pretty bag for 
my 2 1/2 year old niece.
She is a girly girl and I never know what she
will like. Also her mum really isn't a fan
of handmade things.
So I picked something that doesn't take a long
time to make.

So far I'm loving this bag!
The pattern is for an adult so I shrunk it down by
using a 4.5mm hook and crocheted really tightly 
(hard on the hands).
You make the flowers first, joining them as you go.
Then you make the bottom part and
attach it to the flowers.
Then all you have left is to make the top.
Easy peasy!


Tea said...

That's the cutest bag! Love the color, too! (If your niece isn't thrilled send it to

Oh, oh, please be careful with the tight crocheting. I've injured my hands doing that. Have a great week!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Tea,
I'm planning on making at least one more of these bags for another niece and eventually one for myself but I think I'll take your advice and give my hands a rest in between these projects.
I hope your hands are okay now....I imagine you could switch to knitting to give yours a bit of a break.
take care....suki

Seelenfein... said...

Beautiful Colour, i love it and me sweet little daughter will love it too. ;o)

I don´t have so beautiful colours in my stash... :o(

Lovely greets and a happy week,

sukigirl said...

Thank you Seelenfein,
The pink yarn was an inexpensive acrylic but I was really happy with the result of it.
I also bought another skein of a darker pink since I really wasn't sure which pink I liked better so now I have some pink in my stash :0)
cheers suki

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ooh is that Bernat Satin I spy? It's SO soft! I've been knitting baby blankets out of it recently, I love working with it!

The purse looks great, perfect colour!

sukigirl said...

Thanks have a good eye...yes it is Bernat Satin.
I've only used it once before and that was quite a while ago. The reason I picked it up this time was it was the perfect pink.
I only wish they had a better selection of colours.

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