Tuesday, September 28, 2010

postcards from around the world

I was tired of only seeing bills in my mailbox
so a little while ago I signed up to a cool site called
Here's how it works.
You are given the name and address of
someone from around the world and 
you then send them
a postcard.
Once they receive it your name and address is sent
to a totally different person who will send
you a card from their corner of the world.

It's a wonderful surprise to receive them.
I've gotten 4 so far...
from Germany, Slovenia, Belgium and Seattle.
All have written a little about themselves
and their area.

I have sent cards to Kenya, Taiwan, China,
The Netherlands and Wyoming.
The chipmunk card on the right is going 
to a little 3 year old from Germany.
I hope she likes it.


martha brown said...

This sounds fun!

sukigirl said...

Thank you Martha...it is fun!
A lot of schools sign up for it too.

Ms Muffin said...

I wanted to answer your comment - but realized that your blogger profile is set to no-reply ...
So I am answering here instead:

I actually have not done that many giveaways myself yet. The ones that I "did" during the tea lovers roundup were actually not even my idea - they were all offered by people that I asked if I could feature them. They said yes and if they could give something away on my blog. How could I say no? ;-)
The last giveaway - with the buttons - I only did cause I thought it was fun to join the Fall into Fall Quilters Bloggers giveaway. And it is! I have never gotten that many comments on one single post! It is really nice to hear from so many people. Also you get to check out many other blogs which is fun. The only drawback - as always - I have WAY TOO little time! :-)
But guess that one is not gonna change ... ;-)

sukigirl said...

Hi Ms. Muffin.....
It was great to see so many people respond to your post!
I'm looking forward to sitting in front of my computer with a slice of pumpkin pie (Canadian Thanksgiving) going through their blogs :-)

I've really enjoyed your tea posts....I'm still amazed at how many great projects you found.
I'm also amazed that you find the time to do so much :-)
cheers ann

Mette (Mettuska) said...

I´m also in postcrossin! It´s really fun :)

sukigirl said...

Hi Mette, isn't it fun.
I have trouble finding different postcards so I really have to find some new places to find them.
I just received 3 of them yesterday :)

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