Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A necklace of flowers

Well.... it started out as a necklace.
But the flowers didn't want to lay flat,
they wanted to twist and turn as real flowers often do.

Flower necklace

So I decided to turn it into a mini garland.
That way they can be used
to decorate a doll house,
or be draped over a window,
or circle the neck of a beloved bear.
I'll see what my 2 year old niece decides to do
when she receives it for Xmas.

I used this great free pattern:
although I did use a different flower.
The pattern is in German but
there are pictures to help you.

I used a pretty, soft sock yarn which is probably
why the necklace wanted to twist.
I'd like to make this again but in a worsted weight.
It's a lovely pattern and
written so that the leaves, stems
and the base of the petals
are all worked continuously.
I think it would make a lovely

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