Monday, January 24, 2011

Crocheting backwards without tripping

I've made a bit more progress on my gloves.
The colour pattern on the decreases isn't perfect
but since they will be worn
by an imperfect person (me, me, me)
 I'm happy.

continuing to work on my fingerless gloves

I've reached the wrist stage which means
I'll no longer be working in the round,
I'll now be working in rows back and forth.

This means that I will need to use 
another technique that's new to me:
backwards crochet.
The little piece at the bottom is my
practice piece.

Athough they sound similar 
backward crochet is not the same as reverse crochet.
Reverse crochet or crabstitch is worked
with the right side facing you and results
in a twisted stitch.
Backward crochet is a little harder to explain.
Basically this technique 
makes sure that the wrist (worked in rows)
will look like the rest of the glove (worked in rounds).

I forgot to distinguish which rows were made by which technique.
The glove itself was made with jacquard,
which is a colorwork technique where you
work the different colours and carry the
unused colour along the wrong side (in strands).

I used both jacquard and backwards crochet
in the red sample.
The jacquard is the green and red rows
worked on the right sides.
This is alternated with straight red rows
that are worked in backward crochet
on the wrong sides.


emerson-j said...

very cool, i had never heard of backwards crochet so im gonna go google it and take a look!!

sukigirl said...

Thanks emerson,
I've added more info to the post to explain which rows are jacquard and which are backward crochet.
The rows that have 2 or more colours in them are actually made in jacquard crochet. The backward crochet is the solid red rows that don't look fancy but they are important to the overall look.
cheers suki

gingerbread stars said...

I am so glad to see you tackle these! I have wanted to make these for a long time but have been too chicken. You are inspiraring me and I might take up the challenge as well. You are doing a great job!! Keep it going!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Marge,
Glad to hear that you are considering making these. My main advice is that these are sized on the small size and if you crochet tightly than they may not fit so your choose your weapon (sorry..hook) wisely.
I had to go way up on hook size.
When I'm finished them (optimistic me) I'll post more details.

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