Monday, January 31, 2011

My son's holey gloves got the Mario treatment...crochet style

My son loves his gloves, 
to the point where they now have large holes in them.
When I promised to fix them I was thinking
of simply crocheting a brown rectangle as a patch.
Then I realized that I could be more creative so
this is what I did.

Mario's piranha plant patch for glove

He's had his gloves for years
and he is the type of kid 
who would rather get something fixed
than buy something new.
(Takes after his mum :D)  
He still really likes Mario so
he was really happy with them.

Also in this picture is my beagle
who was sick all day today and part
of yesterday.
I was so happy to see her sniffing around,
hopefully she
will be eating again soon.

'Mario piranha plant' crochet patch

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