Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tackling jacquard crochet

It's halfway through January and I thought
by now I'd have done a lot of yarn work.
But I do have a good excuse why that didn't happen.
My oldest son has been home for the holidays,
and I drop everything anytime I've got my whole family together.
Things have now returned to normal so
I've picked up my hook again 
and tackled a project that I've had on hold.
since 2009 (2 years!!)

This pattern is made mainly using a technique
called jacquard crochet.
It's basically a technique that works with
strands of colours hooked into the back loop.

When I first tried it I was having a lot of difficulty
with the tension since jacquard crochet
is much tighter and less stretchy than regular crochet.
I'm a tight crocheter as it is so
that didn't help.
I also found all the new techniques
a little overwhelming so I
put it aside until I felt more confident.

 I've decided to start completely over again.
Here is a picture of how far I've gotten.
jacquard crochet fingerless wip

I'd love to say that the stitches are quickly sliding off my hook,
I won't even tell you 
how many hours I've spent on this so far,
but what's different now is that it's a bit 
easier and I now see it as doable.
Some things I'm still struggling with
and I'll post more specifics 
about them in a later post in case 
you want to give this a go yourself.


Nina said...

That's looking great! What technique are you using for the colorwork?

sukigirl said...

Thanks Nina,
it's called jacquard crochet.
I think it's also called tapestry crochet too.
It's worked into the back loop only which really makes the colours nice and crisp. The unworked colours are carried along the back.

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