Thursday, January 9, 2014

Granny is keeping warm

 For Christmas  I wanted to make
a hot water bottle cosy for my daughter-in-law.
I bought
 a pattern by Millionbells on Ravelry
 because of the way the grannies
were laid out on the diagonal.
But as I worked on the pattern I soon discovered that there was
no opening to remove the bottle.
 Having a cosy that was removable was important
to me because I didn't want to end up
with a wet cosy every time I filled it.

Unfortunately adding an opening to the pattern
 would be difficult because of the layout
of the grannies.
Believe me I tried.
 So I decided to make up my own pattern
using the same squares that I had already made from pattern.
Hot water bottle cosy

For the opening I went with a long zipper
 that wrapped around three sides.
This made it easy to insert or
remove the bottle without stretching
the cosy out of shape.

Hot water bottle cosy with zippered opening

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