Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hobbes has learned to speak Danish

Hobbes made from my original English pattern
I always knew that Hobbes was a clever tiger
but I never knew he spoke Danish.
Actually he had some help from Marianne Topping.

Marianne came to me a while back wanting
to translate my pattern into Danish so that
she could share it with her facebook group.
I am pleased to host it here.
Her group crochets an animal each month
and Hobbes is their pick for February.
Check out their group here
for pics of their projects
including Hobbes.
Also you can see what Marianne
is up to 

I can't wait to see all the little Danish Hobbes!


charlotte said...

I crocheted Hobbes for my grandson. He is 7 and loves Calvin and Hobbes. Here is a link to my blog so you can see my version. Thank you so much for this pattern. He loves it. His mother says he has it with him 24/7 since he got it.

sukigirl said...

Hi Charlotte,
You did a great job on making Hobbes for your grandson!
And it's wonderful to hear that your grandson loves's so great that each new generation appreciate the wonder that is Hobbes : )
cheers suki

Unknown said...

Oh no, the link for the Danish pattern is broken o_O

sukigirl said...

Thanks Janni for letting me know.
It was working fine before so I've contacted Marianne and hopefully she'll get it up and running soon.
cheers suki

sukigirl said...

Janni, it should work now.
Let me know if you can't get into it.
Sorry for the problem.
cheers suki

Unknown said...

It's aliiiive :D Thank you VERY much :) I am soo hoping that my skills can be so that I can make Hobbes :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pattern. My son found it for me after he asked for one. He was 19 at that time. He's had Hobbes with him through the university! ha ha
Do you have an instagram account so I can give you credit for the pattern on it? Thank you again!

sukigirl said... instagram account..but I really appreciate your effort to credit me. Cheers suki

Unknown said...

The link for the Danish pattern does'nt work?

sukigirl said...

Thanks for letting me know...I have left a message with Marianne who hosts the pdf and hopefully get it active again. It may take a little time as I will be travelling over the next 2 weeks so hopefully it will be activated sooner than later.....suki

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