Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Xmas ornaments love red cups

xmas ornaments nestled in bed
One thing that I really hate about Christmas
 is putting all the ornaments away.
Unlike the tree trimming part there is no party 
with family and food.
There's just me and the cat and a lot of tissue paper.
I wrap the paper around the ornaments 
and put them away in boxes.
She jumps into the boxes and tears apart the tissue paper.

But this year, thanks to Pinterest 
I did something different.

xmas ornaments

First I glued a bunch of red cups 
to the bottom of a plastic tote.
Then I filled them up with ornaments,
putting a delicate one in each 
followed by a couple of soft ones to cushion it.
I also stuck in some of the pre-torn 
tissue paper (thanks kitty).
I made a second layer using cardboard 
as the base.

It was ridiculously simple and hassle free.

1 comment:

Moodswing said...

It's an older post, but with Christmas in the not too far future I'll try and remember this nice idea.

Sincerely Paula

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