Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm still not happy with their eyes

I got tired of making Cartmans
so I switched to Kenny
(Xmas present for my youngest)
The individual parts are sitting
in an altoid container.


Working the head.

The two trouble makers.


Kenny is a bit unstable and
falls over easily.
Cartman needs his right
eye slid back up.
It must have been a rough
night for them both.

Link to South Park Afghan
Link to amigurumi Butters


coltpixy said...

They are adorable!
I know how you could prevent the top heaviness next time. This is what I do with my dolls which are not intended for children, sew a tiny pillow together and fill with little ball bearings. Insert this into the bottom of your doll and it will prevent it from being top heavy.

sukigirl said...

Thanks CP, that's a great tip.
It's funny because I really didn't expect it and only discovered it when he was completely done. Next time I'll pin the doll together to see what happens.

La Fée Crochette said...

Good job on the two little guys, they turned out great! I have put a picture of them on my blog in my Happy Customer gallery.

sukigirl said...

Thanks La Fee,
I think I have solved my problem with the eyes.
Since I can't get proper wool felt around here I'm going to make my own which really is quite easy. I didn't want to stick on some crappy eyes when I was so happy with the rest of it.
And thanks for the great pattern.

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