Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've been tagged by amber
at Crafty all over the place
so here goes...

7 Random Things about sukigirl

1. When I was around 5, I almost drowned in a pool,
but being the clever red headed girl that I was,
I wore my hair in a lovely ponytail...perfect for my mum to pull me out of the water.

I have painted my work space the brightest pink
so that my male family won't venture inside my space.
Sometimes it gets a bit much for me, but we all know
that we have to suffer for our art.

I still regret having to tell my son that there was no Santa Claus. He told me that all his friends didn't believe in him and asked me to be honest.
I was ..and he cried ....and it broke my heart.

4. My hubby and 2 sons have no idea that I have manipulated them into choosing female pets only. I do this in an attempt to preserve the estrogen balance in the house.

When I was 7 years old my brother and I were picked to be the King and Queen of the London Fair. We got our picture in the paper, a free teddy bear (which I still have after many, many years), lunch with the fair president and a bucket load of tickets for rides.
I think of it as my greatest achievement.

6. When I was 7, I also slipped on our back step and the back of my dress got caught on the clothesline hook and I hung there for about an hour before my mum
came to rescue me.
It was, of course, one of my lesser achievements.

7. That despite how #2 and #4 sounds, my family is my greatest joy!

As far as tagging, .....most of the blogs I visit have done the tag thing so I'll bend the rules and just list 7 sites.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site attic24

2. If I could only visit one it would be Craftzine

3. She is so talented, I wish she would post more

4.Crochet Liberation Front
I belong to this subversive group on Ravelry.
Yes, the words crochet and subversive can be used together.

5. I just discovered this one and I'm really enjoying
the mix of crochet and sewing projects.
My cuppa'charms

I've picked up some great recipes from here.. smitten kitchen

future girl
Great designs, tutorials and craft book reviews

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