Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 11: a surprise for me

 A while back I found this 
pattern that was in Japanese;
 it didn't include a picture of the actual 
project and only included charts.
So when I started it I had no
idea what I was making,
it was, in a way, an act of faith.

What I could tell was that it didn't involve
very many rows or stitches
so I knew it was probably
doable in a day.
This is what I made.

Day 11: small mushrooms

When I finished the individual
pieces and  realized what they were,
 I recrocheted the underbellies
of the mushroom caps in a 
lighter blue.
I like how the other colours
worked out.
Today I unravelled some of my 69 cent
scarf to use for this project.
Total this month...$1.38


coltpixy said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable! It goes perfectly with something I am making right now. I'll have to show you. Perhaps we can both make two of each and trade after you finish your month of projects.

sukigirl said...

Even without knowing what it is I'd love to do a trade!!

Mette aka mettuska said...

That´s so cute!!! :D Love the mug, too ;)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Mette ...I only have one of the mugs...wish I had a set. I would love to decorate my kitchen in a retro style but it's getting harder to find things like that in thrift shops.

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