Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 9: I wear my heart on my sleeve

 Day 9: I wear my heart on my sleeve...sort of.
Okay, so I wear it on my wrinkled shirt.
I know this is a ridiculously simple
project but hey... it's still cute.
But the cool thing about this project 
is all the endless possibilities 
and this would be great for
both adults and kids. 

Can you imagine making little animals 
(maybe climbing monkeys like in the 
barrel of monkey game),
characters from books,
letters to spell words,
holidays (ghosts, black cats, xmas trees, 
bunnies), flowers, pets,
the list goes on and on.
I think I'll make a batch
of book related ones for my nieces.
They would love Max (wild things), 
hungry caterpillar, Charlotte,

Should I even bother with instructions?
Cut hearts from felt 
(I made mine in in different
sizes with the larger at top.
Cut a slit in centre and then pop
it on after you have buttoned up.
Time-- 2 minutes 
 I found this idea in a Martha booklet 
in thrift store.
No new supplies so zero $ so far.

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