Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 19: an owl egg cosy

Day 18: owl cosy
This project was like a last 
minute essay.
You finish it on time but
you really don't want 
to hand it in.

I like some parts of it, namely
(I did change the wings)
and I was happy with the fabrics 
that I chose.
But I don't like the look
of leaving the edges raw and
I'm not happy with my
 Day 18: owl cosy back

The back actually was going
to be the front and I had cut
out wings with Elvis on it.
I thought it would look so cool
but it just didn't work 
although I liked the look 
of the guitar.


intothedawn said...

OMG that is totally adorable! It turned out very cute, but I think I agree, not quite liking the edges left raw, I'd be afraid of raveling over time. Still, very sweet little egg cozy!

emosback said...

very sweet. I like the raw edges! :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments!
I've seen this technique done brilliantly by other people.
I'm starting to see past some of my mistakes and seeing the sweetness in him too.
I would love to make him over again and take my time with these new techniques.

Mette aka mettuska said...

Nice work! Owls are always so inspirating (is that the right word?) I have to go and draw something now...:)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Mette, yes they are so inspiring (you were very close :0)
When my knitting skills improve I really want to tackle some owl gloves.

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