Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23: 1951 Betsy doll and The Big Bang

Day 23: Betsy McCall magnet doll
that were introduced in the 
McCall magazine in 1951.
One Pearl Button 
came up with a tutorial to
turn them into magnetic 
paper dolls.

Since I had been gifted with part of
 a magnetic sheet, I set out to make a set 
to give to my niece when
she is a little older.
Problem is ..the magnetic clothes don't
actually stay on the magnetic doll.
At first I thought I had done 
something wrong and then
I noticed one of the comments
that said that the same thing
happened to her.

Brilliant idea but unfortunately
a bit of a glitch in the execution.
They will however work 
if both the doll and clothes 
are stuck onto a fridge 
since the clothes tend to be a 
bit wider than the doll.
I'll have to revisit this and
see if I can work around this 
problem since I think this
project is worth it.

While I had the magnetic sheet out
I thought I'd make up some
magnets for myself of my
favourite characters on tv.
The Big Bang  characters in magnetic form
Actually while I was working
on this I came up with another
project involving 
Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard
but it can't be completed
within a day so it 
will have to wait.

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