Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 13: Mermaid

Day 13: Mermaid
This is my first embroidery.
 Yesterday was a merfish and
today is a Mermaid.
The stitching is complete, 
I just need to remove the clear
transfer sheet that has the 
pattern marked on it
(you might see some of the blue
marker that should dissolve
in water).

and while you are there check
out the rest of this talented artist's work.

I'm so glad that I finally got 
around to making this.
This challenge was the kick 
that I needed...I'm hoping
to tackle a second embroidery
project this month (fingers crossed).

For this project I bought transfer
sheets and floss for $6.00
Total this month...$7.38


ZenCrafter said...

What is that transfer paper? I'll have to check into it for my embroidery. I do mostly freehand embroidery but have been having trouble with stitching eyes, of all things, and I just tried using tearaway stabilizer to draw a pattern on and stitch over. It worked so-so and was a real bear to tear out!

sukigirl said...

The transfer paper is called Traceaway by Unique. I bought mine at Fabricland and as I said is water soluble so you don't have that pain of trying to tear off little bits of paper with tweezers.
You also have to use water soluble ink marker or disappearing ink marker to draw on your design.

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