Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 24: scrap happy teacosy

Day 24: scrap happy teacosy
I came up with this pattern while
 watching the men's Olympic hockey
games today.
I wanted it to hug my teapot 
and also to leave the knob 
on the lid naked.
It was nice to use up a lot of scrap yarn.
No new supplies


martha brown said...

This is a GREAT tea cozy -- is it permanently on?

sukigirl said...

Thanks Martha!
No, it actually comes off, I put ties under the spout that can be undone. They don't show in the picture because I tuck them inside the cosy. The cover for the lid pulls off easily too although you wouldn't think so by the look of it.

Barbara said...

Love love love it! I've crocheted several cosies and theres not half as many crocheted cosies as there are knitted ones.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Barbara!
You are so right, there are so few crochet cosy patterns out there.
I'd love to try to come up with some different ones.

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