Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 14: part crochet/part fabric bag

'Pay attention to me!'
The whole time I was finishing this up
my sweet cat Oreo was on the floor 
crying for attention. 
I turned to get my camera from 
the shelf behind me and 
this is what I found when I turned back.
Underneath her is this bag. 
Day 14: finished bag
I tried a couple of different 
drawstrings but couldn't find one
that I liked so I'll find something
the next time I go to the fabric store.
Here is a wip where only
the bottom is finished.

Day 14: wips bag

No new supplies.
So far this month $7.38


Barbara said...

Your bag really rocks! It's gonna be so nice when it's done.

martha brown said...

This bag is wonderful! I might even make an attempt to make something like this -- after I remember how to crochet.....

sukigirl said...

Thank you both!

martha, as long as you remember how to make a circle then you're good to go :-)

ZenCrafter said...

Your cat looks seriously PO'd and knows exactly the reason you were ignoring her! I love the combo of fabric and crochet, and I'm really liking your fabric choices. Where do you get your fabrics?

sukigirl said...

Yes she was quite annoyed at me especially since the sewing machine was taking up her spot.
I buy a lot of fabric from the thrift store, they have a lot of nice heavier weight fabric.
I've also bought some nice books of fabric samples from garage sales.
My cotton weight stuff I buy at a small local fabric store.

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