Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of the Month!!!! ...Matryoshka

Day 28: Matryoshka
I was going to add some pink
cheeks but I haven't got 
any felt in that colour.
And the felt that I do have tends
to pull apart when you 
try to sew with it,
since it's the cheap acrylic kind.

I think that I really need to 
order wool felt online 
or make my own. 
Final tally
This new supplies
Total month $21.38 and
the majority of that was on
two projects that were 
new to me 
(making stamps and embroidery).


Barbara said...

Wow and a GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! You really accomplished a bunch this month and so economically too! Rock on girlfriend!

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

ANOTHER BIG CONGRATES TO YOU GIRL!!!!!! love every single one of your projects!!!!!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Barbara, I really appreciate that!
And also that you were kind enough to comment so often! hugs

sukigirl said...

Thanks Craftmuummy, it was sweet of you to follow my adventures this month...hugs

Mette aka mettuska said...

Wow, great job! I recommend to make the wool felt yourself, it´s fun! :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Mette, thanks for the support!
And thanks for the advice on the felt, I'll look into that.

martha brown said...

This little doll is just so adorable! Great work on all of your work in Feb. It is so amazing what you have accomplished :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Martha!!!
Sorry I was late in thanking you for your nice comment.

Nicholas Hong said...

you have really cute and awesome work here!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Nicholas,
I just took a quick peek at your blog...really like your art!
I'm looking forward to see your take on Red Riding Hood, it's one of my favourite tales.

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