Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 6: Do you think this will get taken too?

A while ago I discovered that
my front corner post was missing.
Missing post cap before replacement
A week later I went out to discover
that someone had popped a broken
dog toy over it.
Broken dog toy replaces missing post cap
I left that toy on it quite a 
while and then it hit me that
it would make a nice base
to attach a crochet project.
Today I made this.
Side view of new crocheted post cap
Here is the top view.
 Day 6 missing fence cap blooms


Barbara said...

Did you put it back on the corner post? LOL That would give people something to talk about.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Barbara, yes I did.
A lot of people walking their dogs pause at that post, or rather their dogs do if you know what I mean so it'll give them something to look at lol!

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