Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 27: owl

Today I'm off to see the Beatles,
  actually I'm seeing a cover band, 
a very good cover band called Rain.
So I picked this small knitted
owl as today's project.
It was very easy even for 
a non-knitter like me .
Day 27: a little owl

I didn't have any owly yarn
so I mixed plain beige
merino with some leftover
dark brown kid mohair.
Free pattern here


Barbara said...

I don't knit but he's a very cute little bear!

martha brown said...

My partner knitted me the whole owl sweater for Christmas! Unfortunately it doesn't fit -- so he's going to pull much of it out and re-knit it :(
He made me one little owl too! Hope you had fun at your Beatles band!

Salihan said...

I love your idea of doing small projects for the whole month. I've really enjoyed reading about them. You've made some really cute things. I hope you do a post that shows off all your projects for this challenge when you're done. :)

Mette aka mettuska said...

Nice, more owls :D

sukigirl said...

Thank you all!

Barbara, I guess he does look like a bear also LOL!

Martha, you are so lucky to have a partner that knits for you AND reknits for you! I don't know if I'll ever be clever enough to make an entire sweater of owls.
Oh, and yes, the Beatles were lots of fun. They brought back lots of memories :0)

Salihan, I am going to post a mosaic of the finished projects. I'd like to retake some pics in better lighting since most were taken very late in the day.
I also want to reflect back on the positives and negatives of doing this challenge.

Mette, I knew you would like seeing more owls!!

Sara said...

I recently finished a sweater with a row of those owl's round the top. Super cute.

I enjoyed following all of your little projects this month!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Sara, I'll definitely check your sweater out, I've seen the pattern and it looks so cute!
Thanks so much for following me this month, I really appreciate it!

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