Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 16: my first stamp

Day 15 my first stamp
Oh I can see how making
these stamps can get addicting.
Yes there are a ton of mistakes
in this but I'm still really happy
with my little owl.
(Tell me you can tell 
that it is an owl).

Today I was so busy, 
actually this whole week will
be busy so I may have to
try my hand at carving again.
Carving tools $14.00
So far this week $21.38


emosback said...

so cute! I love it!

Barbara said...

Certainly you can tell it's an owl and it's very cute! Good job.

martha brown said...

Of course I could tell that it is an owl -- it's a great owl!! (I heart owls).

sukigirl said...

Thank you all...I'm looking forward to making some more and I hope to find the supplies somewhere to make a bigger stamp.

Mette aka mettuska said...

Of course it´s an owl! And so cute :)

sukigirl said...

Thank you Mette, I picked an owl because they are so cute and they are so easy to draw :0)

intothedawn said...

I totally knew it was an owl, even before the whole image had loaded. So cute!

Natts said...

:) I've tried the same with my jar of cuties stamp. Will show you tomorrow. Thank you back :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Dawn and Natts!
Natts I'm away on holidays for a while but I'll definitely check for your stamp when I get back :0)

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